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Domain Transfer FAQ

Q: What is domain transfer?

A: Domain transfer refers to the transfer of your domain from the current registrar to another registrar.

Q: How long will it take for my domains successfully transferred?

A: Most domain transfers take 5–7 days to complete. The time it takes depending on the extension.

Q: Domain transfer status is prohibited, how to transfer?

A: Unlock each of the domain names you’d like to transfer with your current registrar.

Q: How to obtain the auth-code?

A: Get an auth-code (also known as transfer password) from your current registrar. You can submit transfer out request or send email to registrar.

Q: Have any limits on when I can transfer my domains?

A: ICANN prohibits domain transfers within 60 days of registration or prior transfer.

Q: What is the transfer fee for a domain name?

A: The fee for transferring domains to will fluctuate according to different extensions, please check

Domain transfer steps


Get auth-code

Please obtain the auth-code from the original registrar of the domain name, and transfer in the domain after having the auth-code.


Submit transfer-in request

Enter your domain|auth-code, and check whether the domain status allows transfer.


Confirm payment

Please check the domain that needs to be transferred, then verify the fee and confirm payment.


Transfer successfully

You need to wait for the original/losing registrar to confirm transfer out, usually need to wait 1-7 days.


According to the policy of the upstream domain name registry , the domain name in the following situations cannot be transferred to the registrar

1. less than 60 days after the domain name registration;

2. within 60 days of the domain name transfer;

3. The domain name is in the transfer prohibited state (clientTransferProhibited);

4. The domain name is in dispute, arbitration or the court restricts the transfer;

5. less than 15 days from the expiration date of the domain name;

6. less than 60 days from the last domain name renewal date;

Note: [The expiry date of the domain name is less than 15 days] theoretically only applies to the domain name. under CNNIC