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Domain Search FAQs
Why should I register more than one domain?

There are lots of reasons to own more than one domain. Businesses often buy misspellings of their names, for example, to capture those Web searchers who aren't good spellers (or typists). Domainers register hundreds or even thousands of domains with the end goal of selling at least some of them at a profit. For them, the bulk domain search tool is a must.

Other pros of registering multiple domains are:

It prevents competitors from stealing your traffic by using imitated domains;
You can launch separate product lines on separate websites;
Gain traffic and rank higher in SEO by redirecting these domains to your main website;Attract specific consumer group by using targeted domains;
Expand the ways for your customers to reach you;
Protect your brand and online identity from unauthorized cybersquatters who may try to oversell you relevant domains.
With the help of Zname's bulk domain search tool, you can check the availability of hundreds of domains in one search.

What does a domain consist of?

A domain consists of two parts: the part that’s left of the dot, and the part that’s right of the dot. The latter is called a TLD (Top Level Domain) or a domain extension. Below are some of the most common extensions and what they’re used for:
.COM - This extension stands for “commercial”. It is the king of all extensions and has no restrictions for registration.
.NET – Originally used for web organizations like Internet service and maintenance providers, this extension is now available for registration for any individual or entity.
.ORG - This extension stands for “organization”. It was once used especially for NPO (Non-profit Organization) but has no such limitations now. Anyone can register a .org domain.

Does Zname offer discounts for multiple domains?

Yes, and the discount amount varies from domains and extensions. Contact us for more details.

What if a domain I want is already registered to someone else?

You can try to find out who owns the domain by looking in the Whois database. However, if the domain owner has not chosen to make their information public, their contact information won't be displayed.