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What is External Account Change?

External Account Changes refer to the process which the losing registrar transfer your domains to our corresponding account on their site, and we add the domains into the domain database of Zname.com. You will be able to transact and manage your domains on Zname.com when the whole process is completed. All External Account Changes will be completed on the same day it’s initiated — easy, breezy done! In search of a cost-effective way? Look no further!

Low Renewal Fee
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How it Works

Five features to guarantee your rights and interests


Domain eligibility check

Select a registrar, enter your account and domains. Check if the domains are eligible for External Account Changes.


Confirm payment

Double check the domains and the fees incurred, confirm payment and continue.


We accept PUSH

Trasnfer the domains to our corresponding account of losing registrar. Click "Transferred" on your External Account Change List.



We will accept the domains once the account change request is received and our system will take it from here.

  • 1. Do not select “60 Day Transfer Lock” when submitting an account change request, or you may not be able to transact or transfer your domains (subject to registrar restrictions).
  • 3. The use of these domains must be in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. You shall be solely responsible for complying with these applicable laws and regulations.
  • 2. Please double check our corresponding account of losing registrar before account changes to avoid unnecessary loss.
  • 4. The domains transferred to us should be consistent with the External Account Change List, otherwise the domains will not pass the audit.