World's first,registration without bidding.

Transparent pricing, free from bidding hassles, and once successfully registered, you will directly obtain the desired domain name.

Why go with Zname?
Exclusive subscription service, no auction needed

Zname provides a subscription service that allows users to subscribe to a domain until it is deleted. A subscribed domain is no longer available for new subscription. Once the domain backorder succeeds, the first subscriber will get the domain without entering the auction process.

Multiple channels, higher success rate

With our multiple backorder channels working at full blast to help you get your domains, we strive to keep the success rate in its own league.

Personalized customer service

Our professional customer service with domaining expertise will stand behind you every step of the way

Secure & refund guarantee

The relevant funds will be returned to the your account if the backorder fails, giving you peace of mind

Domain Backorder FAQ
Do I still need to bid after placing an order?

No, if the order is submitted and the domain backorder succeeds, you will get the domain without entering the auction process.

Can I cancel the order after it is submitted?

No, an application can not be cancelled once submitted, please pick the right domain before submitting an order.

How long does it take before the domain goes into my account if the backorder is successful?

If the backorder succeeds, normally the domain will go into your account on the day of the backorder after verification. A few domains may enter the auction process, which requires a waiting period of about 3 days.

When is the deadline for domain backorder?

Deadline for domain backorder: 24:00 on the day the domain is deleted. Please make your reservation before 23:00 if possible, otherwise we can not guarantee the success of the submission.

When do I need to pay for the bid if I win?

If you win the bid, you must complete the transaction within 3 days, otherwise we are within our rights to block your account until completion of the transaction.