Domain Guide for Newbies

Posted on:2022-01-07 20:32:57 Views: 319

1. How to register a domain name?
(i) Search to confirm if the domain you want is available.
(ii) Fill and submit the Domain Name Registration Form online. (Note: Please carefully check whether the spelling of the registrant information is correct. Once the domain is registered successfully, any modification will be processed as Registrant Transfer and certain fees will be charged.)
(iii) After the domain is successfully registered, the system will automatically deduct the corresponding fee from your account.
(iv) You’re officially the owner of that domain!
2. What are the requirements for registering a domain name?
As long as the domain is still available, it’s up for grabs. Both individuals and entities can apply. You only need to provide the correct registration information to us and we’ll take it from here.
3. Character and length restrictions. Only the following characters are supported in domains:
English domains:
(i) 26 English letters;
(ii) Numeric from "0" to "9";
(iii) "-" English hyphen shall not be used at the beginning and end of a domain.
Chinese domains:
(i) 2-15 Chinese characters
(ii) 26 English letters
(iii) Numbers from "0" to "9"
1. English letters are case-insensitive in domains.
2. Simplified and traditional Chinese are insensitive in Chinese domains.
3. Symbols like "?/\;:@#$%^~_=+, 8. .<>" etc. are not allowed for domain regisreation.
4. The maximum and minimum length of a domain is 2 to 46 characters.