Domain Transfer Q&A

Posted on:2022-01-10 17:31:12 Views: 257

1. What are the requirements of transferring a domain?
You may transfer a domain either to or from another registrar via, subject to
(i) payment of all applicable service fees;
(ii) no less than 60 days after registration
(iii) more than 15 days within expiration date
(iv) more than 90 days after the renewal of an once expired domain
2. I submitted the relevant material 10 days ago. Why is the transfer still pending?
(i) You may have insufficient balance in your account.
(ii) Your transfer request may have been rejected by the current registrar. You should contact them again to resubmit the request and get back to us. We’ll process your transfer right away.
3. I want to change my DNS but failed to reach the current registrar. What now?
You can transfer you domain to Once the transfer succeeds, we’ll send you a domain management code with which you can manage your domain, including the change of DNS.
4. What are the pros of domain transfer? Will my domain function properly during the transfer?
You’ll be able to get the discounted renewal price on and modify the domain contact information (except domain ownership) once your domains are transferred to us. You domain will function properly throughout the transfer.
5. Can I change my domain DNS during transfer?
To not affect the use access to your website, it is advised to keep your domain DNS unchanged until completion of the transfer.