How do I renew my domain?

Posted on:2022-01-10 17:32:13 Views: 527

1. I registered a domain, how do I pay for it?
While filling out the domain registration application form, you can click “Pay Now” and the fees will be deducted from your account balance.
2. How do I renew the domains which are about to expire?
Go to “Member Center – My Domains”, select the domains you want to renew and years of renewal and confirm payment.
3. How do I know what domains are going to expire in a certain time period?
Go to “Member Center –Expiration Date Range”, select the date range and search. It is advised to check the validity of your domains regularly to avoid unnecessary loss of letting your domains expire.
4. Can I renew the domains registered to other registrars?
Yes, if the domain is valid, you can renew it on after you transfer it to us. Please check Price Overview for detailed information.
5. I misspelled my domain. Now what?
Once you register a domain, it's yours – even if it's spelled wrong. You may not cancel the misspelled domain and we don’t refund any part of the registration fee.
You might consider keeping the misspelled domain and directing it to your main (correctly spelled) domain. If you misspelled your name, others looking for your website might do the same thing. Owning a misspelled domain allows you to capture visitors who would otherwise be lost.