Things to Know about Domain Management

Posted on:2022-01-21 09:01:23 Views: 533

Delete Period

You can submit a renewal request of your domain within 30 days after expiration, but we don’t guarantee success. Your domain will enter “redemptionPeriod” (30-60 days after expiration), during which time you may restore your domain by paying the appropriate fee. If your domain enters “pendingDelete” (60-75 days after expiration), it will be purged and dropped from the registry database and become available for public registration.

According to the rules and regulations (adjusted on December 20, 2007) of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), expired .cn domains will be suspended until it is renewed. You can renew .cn domain within 30 days after expiration or you can pay a rather higher fee to restore it if it enters “redemptionPeriod”, during which time you’re not able to modify contact info, transfer or resolve the domain. If the .cn domain is not restored in “redemptionPeriod”, it will enter “pendingDelete”. Your .cn domain will remain in this status for several days, after which time your domain will be purged and dropped from the registry database.

Domain Name Resolution

Back in the old days, you had to enter an IP address to access a server on the Internet. The domain name made it easier by converting itself to an IP address. This process is called Domain Name Resolution. A domain name corresponds to one IP address, and multiple domain names can be resolved to one IP address. Domain name resolution needs to be done by domain name resolution server (DNS).