How Do I Choose an Aged Domain?

Posted on:2022-02-21 17:55:23 Views: 205

The aged domain market can be very confusing to newcomers and domain veterans alike. How do you choose an aged domain to your favor? This article will look at the pros and cons of aged domains and hopefully provide you with some insights.


1. Brand-New Isn't Always Better

Aged domains are an enormous competitive advantage that anyone can tap into. A new startup's best bet for success is to use an aged domain rather than a brand-new one. Since many people don't value domains as much more than website names and extensions, most startups opt for purchasing the latest available name with no history associated with it.


However, this isn't the best strategy since using an old domain can actually increase trust in your business because of its age and track record on the internet — essentially letting potential customers know that you've been around long enough (and successfully) to establish yourself online before they even knew about your existence. Also, if you had a lot of good quality links pointing to your site, then it would show up higher in search results. In order for people to find your website and get those links though, you needed an aged domain that was authoritative enough that potential webmasters were willing to link their sites to yours.


2. Avoid These Pits

Despite the advantages an aged domain has, you need to be extra cautious when purchasing one. If you buy an aged domain with horrible track record, it will pose a great security risk to your website. To avoid such pits, here are a few things to keep in mind:


(1) Blocked

Blocked domain refers to a domain that is censored by the national firewall, which end users cannot get access to. A domain may be blocked for the illegal or sensitive information posted on its website. Even though such domains are usually half of the regular price, you should think twice before buying one.


(2) Unknown Source

Domain of unknown source refers to a domain that is stolen by hacking into the holder’s account. Since there is little to no cost to get such domains, they are listed by the hackers at an impossible price to sell as soon as possible. Acquiring such domains is a start of endless lawsuits and arbitrations. Most of these aged domains will eventually be recovered by the original holders by legal means. And who will pay the price in the end? The bargain seekers


(3) Unmaintained

If an aged domain has no history of building a site on it for more than 3 years, the page strength will be greatly weakened. It's important to keep in mind that links and content are what adds value to a website, so even if you purchase an aged domain, it might not be worthy of being ranked higher just yet.


(4) Low-quality links

The more good quality links point to your site, the higher it shows in search results; on the contrary, the more low-quality links, the lower your site ranks.


Purchasing a good aged domain can boost your domain authority and trustworthiness, paving the way for success of your startup!