Why You Need to Keep Your Contact Information Up-to-Date

Posted on:2022-03-02 17:28:58 Views: 241

It's important to keep your contact information up-to-date for a couple of reasons.


When your domain name registration is about to expire, Zname.com is required to notify you. This is typically done via email. If we’re unable to reach you because your contact information is not up to date and your domain name registration expires, it may take considerable time and expenses to recover, or it may not be recoverable at all.


Another important reason to keep your contact information up to date is to ensure that you receive notifications from Zname.com when changes are made to your domain name registration. These notifications are for your protection, so that you can verify and confirm the validity of the changes made, or take appropriate measures in the case of unauthorized changes. Bad actors can use malicious means to gain access to your account and make changes to the information associated with your domain name registration to lock you out of your account and hijack your domain name. It is important to keep your domain name registration contact information up to date to protect yourself or your business.


If you give wrong information on purpose, or don't update your information promptly if there is a change, Zname.com can suspend or even cancel your domain name registration.


How do you ensure your domain name contact information is up-to-date? If any of your contact information (email, postal address, phone number, etc.) changes, contact us to update your information to prevent disruption or loss of your domain name registration. Our customer service will process it for you in a timely manner.