Domain Registration Intructions

Posted on:2022-03-09 17:30:44 Views: 225

Before going any further, make sure you are familiar with the following facts regarding domain names. A domain name:


1. Can contain almost all character types

Your domain name can contain a-z, 0-9 characters and '-' (hyphen) and can be between 3-67 characters long with the extension included. Remember that spaces and symbols are not allowed.


2. Is not case-sensitive

You can use both small and big letters in your domain name to visually separate the contained words, especially in marketing materials. This is much better than stuffing the domain with hyphens, which make it sound clumsy.


3. Should be short and simple

Keep your domain short, simple and easy to memorize. The optimum amount of characters in a domain name is about 7. Avoid the use of abbreviations and acronyms unless they are part of your business name.


4. Should represent your online identity

Think of your domain as your online label, which your customers will associate with your company or particular product/service. Therefore the domain should sound recognizable and contain your company name and/or services.


5. Should contain the right keywords

Make sure your domain name contains keywords relevant to the theme of your personal web page or business website in order to get a higher ranking in the major search engines.


6. Can be global or local (country-related)

Choose the most suitable domain extension (TLD) for you. If seeking local online recognition - register a country-code TLD (.us, .ca,, etc.). If your online goal is global - get one of the generic TLDs (.com, .net, .org, .info, etc.);


7. Offers you alternatives

If the preferred domain extension is already occupied, think of registering one with another extension. is offering you a wide variety of extensions (TLDs) to choose from.


8. Is trademark-sensitive

Make sure the domain you register is not close in spelling to others. Otherwise, you may end up bringing bonus traffic to your competitors for free. Also check that the domain you wish to register does not infringe on an existing trademark belonging to an individual or company.