What Are the Roles of the Different Domain Contacts

Posted on:2022-03-23 18:09:06 Views: 310

When a domain name is registered the registrar is supplied with the details of three contacts. These contacts are named the Registrant, Administrator and Technical contacts and their details are stored on the Whois database. Here's a breakdown of the roles of each of these contacts:


The Registrant contact is considered to be the contract partner or owner of and highest authority for the domain name. This contact does not necessarily need to be an actual person, a company or organization can also own a domain name and be listed as the Registrant. If, however, a company/organization is listed as the owner the full legal title needs to be listed. 

Other requirements in addition to the domain owner’s name include a registered address, a telephone number, and an e-mail address.



This contact serves as the administrative point of contact for the domain name. Here the contact details of a real person are required.


The Admin contact is appointed by the Registrant and is given full access rights to the domain name. This means the Admin contact has total control over the domain name and does not require permission from the Registrant to make decisions regarding the domain name. In cases of private domain name registrations, the Registrant contact and Admin contact are often the same person. But larger companies may opt to assign the administration role to a specialized service operator, leaving it in the hands of an expert.

The required information for an Admin contact is exactly the same as for the Registrant: Name, registered address, telephone number and e-mail address. Changing the domain name's Admin contact details can be done at any time by contacting the service provider with whom the domain name is registered.


The contact who attends to the technical administration of a domain name. It can also serve as a collective term for a group of people (like an IT department or an appointed company). The technical contact does not necessarily have to be determined by the registrant and the role is normally fulfilled by the company where the domain name is registered. The role carries no liability and holds no control over domain name transfers, but the Technical contact controls the domain name's name server.

Again, the required information for a Technical contact is the same as that of the Registrant and Admin contacts: Name, registered address, telephone number and e-mail address.

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