Should You Get a .TECH Domain?

Posted on:2022-04-01 18:11:16 Views: 282

What are .TECH Domains?


.TECH is among the wide range of new top-level domains (nTLDs), specifically created for organizations that live and breathe technology. It is the perfect choice for those who have a passion for innovation, a drive to disrupt and the ambition to wow the world with their path-breaking ideas and initiatives.


Why are Companies Using .TECH?


1. Represents Innovation

When one thinks of the word ‘tech’, innovation, experimentation, and intelligence are other things that come to mind – and that is everything a company wants to be perceived as.


A domain name built on .TECH conjures up the perfect image for a tech company which, in the long run, can potentially save you hundreds of marketing dollars. It establishes you as a young, fresh, and digitally savvy company with a strong focus on the future.


Traditional domain names, after all, have been around for several decades and are reaching a point of saturation. New domain extensions are the future and by opting for them, you are placing yourself ahead of the curve.


2. Relevant and Definitive

Every company wants a domain name that reflects their brand and what they do. This is especially important for startups who are already competing with multimillion-dollar tech giants without the financial power of the latter. For them, a domain name that is communicative and relevant can be a game-changer.


When people see the word tech in a domain name, they will at once know that the owner has interests in the field of technology. This will help them identify companies that best suit their needs and set the right expectations.


You are likely to attract a niche segment of visitors who are more likely to be seeking businesses like you. This could potentially increase your website’s organic traffic and have an overall positive impact on SEO.


A domain name on .TECH is a great alternative to the crowded .COM namespace. Register your .tech domain name with for $1.99 today!