Should You Get a .INK Domain?

Posted on:2022-04-06 18:21:04 Views: 274

.INC, which stands for Incorporated is a premium domain extension for businesses that want to be taken seriously. As .INC is relatively new and priced for businesses there are millions of fantastic names currently available to you.


Join the league of innovative businesses (including successful startups and Fortune 500 enterprises) from all around the world who have claimed their .INC domain. No matter your industry or location, if you are a business that wants to have a professional web address the .INC extension can work for you.


Why choose a .INC domain?

Exact Match: Millions of businesses are incorporated or end with “Inc”. With the option to have your domain name end with .INC you can perfectly match to your brand name without taking up additional characters.

Short & Sweet: Short, keyword-rich domain names are expensive and hard to come by for most traditional domain extensions. With .INC domains, those quality names are available and for a flat rate.

International Credibility: “Inc” is a widely recognized and respected ending to a business name, so much so that even in countries where incorporation is not a legal type of business formation are seeing the value in securing a .INC domain for their business.