Fun Facts About .ORG Domain

Posted on:2022-04-07 18:27:12 Views: 424

In 1985, .ORG was one of the six original top-level domains and with currently more than 10 million registered domains, there is no doubt about its success. But what’s the secret that has allowed the trusted .ORG domain to stay in business for so long while continuing to grow?


What makes .ORG different?

For communities and individuals who want to do great things online, .ORG is the original open gTLD. Choosing to build the foundation of your online presence on the trusted reputation of .ORG, can help you to achieve your goals. Sites that use .ORG are reputed for conveying trust, providing reliable and dependable information, and improving engagement as well as support.


Do you have to be a non-profit to use .ORG?

No matter, if you are a non-profit organization, a booming start-up, or an individual, the domain extension is open for anyone to use. .ORG stands as a natural domain and is a great way to unite communities around a common purpose.


.ORG vs .COM: Which domain is better?

.COM is primarily used by for-profit businesses, while .ORG is largely used by non-profit websites. .COM and .ORG are two of the largest, most popular and most recognizable gTLDs in the world. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but one thing is for sure: You won’t have issues with credibility or trust with either. The .ORG domain is just as trusted as its big brother. COM.


How does .ORG ensure safety and security?

The non-profit organization Public Interest Registry (PIR) is the current operator and manager of the .ORG domain. Protecting the online assets of the .ORG community is a top priority for PIR. To ensure safety and security they continuously work with industry partners to create the best possible policies, practices, and technologies for handling data. No form of abuse (spam, phishing, pharming, malware, botnet, and much more) is tolerated.