Everything Happens for a Reason: .Live in the Moment!

Posted on:2022-04-08 18:35:40 Views: 266

There are some words in the English language that have not just one but many different meanings, LIVE being one of them. Being so diverse, it got its own Top Level Domain. The .LIVE domain can be used to give an extra push to your live event and offers lots of possibilities for social media live streaming. It’s hard to resist real-time content. There’s something about watching events unfold that makes us stop in our tracks and want to join in. But the domain isn’t just for music and events.

.LIVE can also be the perfect answer to the question “What do you live for?”.


Let’s just talk about the advantages for .LIVE

The new gTLD is ideal for:


l promoting your brand.

l reaching competitive eSports gaming fans.

l providing a web space to display information at the moment it happens – from news to chat or face-to-face support services.

l live streaming, because it serves as a simple call to action during live streams or while sharing your channel on a social media site.

l using Web Forwarding to connect a .LIVE domain with the live social media streaming channel you’re already using.