All About Corporate Identifier Domains

Posted on:2022-04-25 18:13:51 Views: 366

Companies can register domains that end in the type of company they’ve formed, such as or


More names are available in these top level domains than some of the popular domain extensions such as .COM, so there’s a good chance that your company name is available to register.


Here’s a rundown of some of the corporate identifiers that are available as domain name extensions, and if there are requirements in order to register them.



Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are a popular form of corporate organization. Many entrepreneurs set up an LLC to separate their business from themselves — both legally and financially. LLCs can choose the .LLC domain name extension at the end of their company name, e.g.,


.LLC names are relatively inexpensive, and you don’t have to complete any extra steps to register the domains because they’re open to everyone. So even if you haven’t formed your LLC yet, you can reserve your .LLC domain today.



INC stands for Incorporated. Companies that use Inc are usually bigger companies, but some companies choose this corporate structure for other reasons. For example, it’s a typical structure for companies that have outside investors.


These domains are expensive — over $1,000 per year. The upside of this is that almost all domains are available under .INC, so you can secure your company name in .INC even if it’s a popular term.



LTD is an abbreviation for Limited, and it’s a type of limited liability company popular in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada. There’s no requirement to register .LTD domain names and they are inexpensive. So you can reserve your .LTD domain even if you haven’t yet formally formed your Limited company.