6 Ways to Use .Wiki Domains

Posted on:2022-04-26 18:07:56 Views: 353

When you hear the word “wiki,” you probably think of Wikipedia.org. It’s one of the top ten most-visited websites on the planet, and over 6 billion people visit it every month to look up information. This gives the term “wiki” an association with knowledge and authority. The ethos of a wiki is that it's open and editable and transparent. It’s an invitation for people with similar interests to come together and harness their collaborative energy to build an accurate portal for accessing knowledge and information.


The .wiki domain is a recognizable way to bring people together on a given topic or specialty. Regardless of what kind of information is presented, a .wiki site is a powerful way to organize contributions from many collaborators or identify your site with factual resources and learning. Here are some examples of when and how a .wiki site can really make an impact.



Fans unite! If there’s one thing the internet has taught us, it’s that people can and will get obsessed with one special thing. No matter how obscure, if there’s a fandom community of any size, there’s probably a wiki about it somewhere online.


There are thousands of sites out there detailing information about Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Cinematic Universe…pretty much any kind of sci-fi/fantasy entertainment series probably has a wiki about it where their fans can come together and catalog their knowledge.



Just as fandoms of movies, tv shows, books, and comics create wikis, the world of video games is full of intensely cataloged wikis. Particularly for massively-multiplayer online games, these wikis help established players and noobs alike learn everything there is to know about the in-game universe.



Self-help knowledge bases are essentially wikis, and when you’re working collaboratively on or with a product, there's a lot of knowledge to keep track of. GitHub has an extensively organized wiki: https://github.wiki/en



Academia and research institutions use wikis to organize vast amounts of information.


https://fatcat.wiki/ - The name "Fatcat" can be interpreted as short for "large catalog", as the service aspires to be a complete catalog of the digital scholarly record.  


The .wiki domain and wikis more generally are as vibrant and diverse as the communities that use them. Use .wiki to add eye-catching credibility to your next project.