Everything to Know About Travel TLDs

Posted on:2022-04-28 18:22:54 Views: 490

Donuts Inc., the global leader in new TLDs, is the registry behind numerous travel TLDs including: .Travel, .Vacations, .Tours, .Voyage, .Cruises, .Holiday, .Flights, .Guide, .City, .Viajes, .Taxi, .Town, .Cab, .Reise / .Reisen, .Zone and .Limo.


“It’s never been more important for travel industry companies, regardless of size, to own their identity on the web. It’s a win-win: registrars acquire new customers, and travel industry pros find better domain names.” said John Pollard, executive vice president of Donuts registry.


.travel, .tours, .reisen, .irish, .reise, .viajes, .voyage are made for comprehensive travel sites. Among them, .travel can be used for any type of travel, examples are 100.travel and germany.travel.


.tours generally refers to group tours, such as pure.tours and art2go.tours. If youre running a foreigner-oriented travel agency, .tours will help you reach a wider foreign audience.


.reisen, .viajes, .irish and .voyage were launched exclusively for Germany, Spain, Ireland, France, allowing easy access to domestic travel market.


Travel goes hand in hand with transportation, .taxi and .cab are suitable for ride-hailing websites like cabcall.taxi and vancouvertaxi.cab.


The .limo can be used for luxury car rental with chauffeurs, suitable for business trips or destination weddings, mychauffeur.limo and affinity.limo are great examples of this.


.cruises is designed for cruise companies or travel agencies that provide yacht services. Check out latinexperiences.cruises and expectations.cruises for more inspiration.


.flights is suitable for airline discount websites and charter like any.flights and ascent.flights.


Donuts also launched many TLDs that can be used outside of travel industries, such as .guide, .holiday, .vacations, .zone, .world, .city, .place, and .town.