How to apply for registration of AI domain name?

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With the rapid development of the Internet, many companies and individuals will choose to establish their own websites for display and communication on the Internet, in order to gain exposure to complete their own publicity, then we know that the basis for creating a website is to register a unique Domain name, the ai domain name that has exploded in recent years is one of them. So what is the ai domain name? How is it registered? Today we will learn more about the meaning of the ai domain name and how to register it.

The meaning of the ai domain name can be regarded as the acronym for "artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence)". Deepen the impression of the enterprise. In recent years, with the popularity of the concept of artificial intelligence, AI, the English abbreviation of artificial intelligence, has also re-entered the public eye. Coincidentally, the country domain name suffix assigned by ICANN to the Anguilla government on June 12, 1995 happens to be AI. Therefore, more and more technology companies have begun to choose to use AI domain names. In addition, AI has the same pinyin as "love" in China and has a single-pin suffix, but many individual users are also very interested in registering and investing. As a result, AI domain names became very popular for a while, and one was hard to find and extremely expensive.

Artificial intelligence is the new engine that will set off the next wave of Internet revolution. It has been upgraded to a national strategic position, policy support is gradually increasing, and the market prospect is unlimited. So let’s talk about the .ai domain name, which is the official country code top-level domain name of Anguilla Island. It was allocated and used in 1995, and its domain name server is located on a small island in Anguilla Island. Most companies engaged in website business or high-end technology are keen to use the domain name .ai domain name. In the future, artificial intelligence is no longer a luxury of science fiction and movies, but actually exists in people's lives. It is gradually pushing people towards the era of the Internet of Things with an attitude of immersion. More and more people know about AI , smart cars, smart housekeepers, unmanned restaurants, unmanned gas stations, AI domain names... The Internet helps people understand something more quickly and push the unknown to the known, and the ai domain name is naturally among them. As small as daily necessities, as large as scientific and educational communities, it is not restricted by any industry, and many fields need to be developed. AI domain names will no longer be a niche domain name, and may become a regular domain name comparable to .com domain names in the future. What's more noteworthy is that, since the development of AI domain names, many giants have rushed to register AI domain names. Although artificial intelligence has not yet been popularized by the whole people, its development speed is immeasurable. At present, the resources of ai domain name still have a part to be developed, and it is not too late for companies or investors who want to register their favorite domain names to register now.

Elites from all walks of life show their talents and combine products with intelligent technology. In addition to attracting more financing, the popularity of enterprises is also rising in the field of intelligent development. Just like Hammer Tech’s tt domain name, if you spend a lot of money to buy it, its value can be imagined. Similarly, in the ai domain name, whoever owns a good domain name first will have the first-hand right to speak, and then resell or sell it at a high price. Investment Value emerges naturally. The high degree of recognition brings not only subjective impressions to users, but also the brand image of artificial intelligence and high-tech enterprises. We know that AI is the symbol of artificial intelligence, and as the domain name suffix of an enterprise website, there is no shortage of meanings of technology and artificial intelligence, which can make users feel a product image that combines technology and intelligence.

1. The registration period for .ai domain name is 2 years. 2. Minimum 2 characters and maximum 63 characters. Only English letters (a-z, case-insensitive), numbers (0-9), and "-" (the hyphen in English, that is, the dash) are provided. Spaces and special characters (such as !, $, & , ?, etc.), "-" cannot be used as the beginning and end. 3. The registration period ranges from 2 to 10 years. 4. The registration through our company can take effect immediately. 5. The grace period for .ai domain name renewal is 30 days, and the domain name registered by our company can be renewed in the background to take effect. To sum up, do you understand what is an ai domain name? In the Internet world, a domain name is an intangible asset of an enterprise or an individual. A good domain name can directly allow people to understand and recognize their own business , such as .cn representing the country, and .biz representing international business. With the rise and development of artificial intelligence, .ai is no longer just a simple country domain name, but has become the first choice for many Internet companies to register domain names.