How to Renew the Domain?

Posted on:2024-03-20 17:16:04 Views: 71

You can select the domains according to the extension, registration/expiration date, DNS and category to renew the domains via

Another, you can enter the domains and select the appropriate years if you confirm to renew via


Thirdly, renewal fee is different according to the sponsor registrar, so you can submit the request of transfer interface renewal via if the current renewal fee is too high. You needn't do anything once we received your request.

Zname Ltd is an ICANN accredited Registrar, if your domains not managed under ZNAME.COM, you can apply transfer out, then transfer in via

Please note that the renewal fee can't be refunded once you submitted domain renewal request, so you had better operate carefully, and feel free to contact online service if we can be of further assistance.

Thanks for your supporting!