Domain for Love

.love Domain name registration only requires $29.69

Love is always accompanied by warmth, joy and happiness.

Why choose?.LOVE

Love is one of the emotions that humans are born with, it can be for a person, a book, an icon, or even a technology. All the love you want to express can be displayed through .LOVE.


Great Meaning

.LOVE not only shortens the emotional distance, but also supports the expression of love by different people.



.LOVE also applicable to families, can express love for parents, and loved ones. If you are already a parent, you can also register a .LOVE domain for babies, resording the birth and growth of a new life.


Support Filing

On January 23, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially gave the approval, and .LOVE domains can be filed and used in China.


No Limit

Anyone can register .LOVE.


Global TLD support

We offer a wide selection of domains, including different TLDs (such as.com, .org, .net, etc.) and other indutry related domains.

Convenient domain management

We provide a complete and convenient domain management solution, including domain registration, renewal, transfer and other services, users can complete all operations through our platform.

Easy domain registration

We are committed to simplifying the domain registration process so that users can easily register domains. Our interface design is user-friendly, just need a few steps.

Safety guarantee

We maintain the security of users' domains and takesecurity measures to ensure that the domain and data are not damaged.

Lower prices and promotions

We provide competitive prices for users with an affordable choice. Moreover, we regularly launch promotions for users.

Personalized support

We have professional customer servicefor users at any time. If you have trouble in registering or managing domain, please contact us.

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